Available for Android phones and tablets. House TargaryenGolden Companythe Reachthe StormlandsHouse Tully Rhaenys and Orys led their forces on Storm's End, regarded as one of the most formidable castles in Westeros. Following his victory, Aegon began construction of the city of King's Landing on the site where he first landed on Westeros. Cersei Lannister Tommen WatersEuron GreyjoyBlack Walder FreyMathis Rowan Although a bastard, Orys was a great warrior and noted statesman who stood high in Aegon's counsels. Aegon, angered in turn, began his preparations for war. Aegon ruled for another thirty-seven years before dying at the age of sixty-four. Mace Tyrell had received Margaery and marched against the reavers of Euron Greyjoy. Outcome Battles 9 posts Targaryen Conquest Targaryen Conquest. Available on Steam for Windows. A Guide to King’s Landing. Rather than give open battle, the Dornish armies melted away into the mountains and the desert. He is unable to conquer Dorne and allows it to remain sovereign. The War of Conquest, also called the Targaryen Conquest, Aegon's Conquest, and rarely Aegon's Invasion, was the military conflict that united the Seven Kingdoms under the rule of House Targaryen. Aegon led his victorious army south to the headwaters of the Blackwater Rush, near the town of Stoney Sept. Instead of confronting the Dornish spearmen guarding the Prince's Pass in the Red Mountains, Rhaenys flew over the pass on her dragon Meraxes to Vaith and Godsgrace. Activity. King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men, https://iceandfire.fandom.com/wiki/War_of_Conquest?oldid=22165. Euron, armoured in Valyrian Steel, laughed as his countrymen burned around him." Visenya and Rhaenys used their dragons to set fires behind and upwind of the Lannister and Gardener armies, blinding them with smoke and limiting their use of archers (the biggest danger to the dragons). But when the deepening winter sees young Robin Arryn catch a chest cold, all of the carefully laid plans of Baelish and thrown into dangerous crisis. ASoIaF. Instead, he announced he would found a new capital on the site where his forces first landed on the shores of Westeros. Nick Snow. Littlefinger's attempts to flee were thwarted by the Lords Declarant, Lord Yohn Royce at last recognizing the young Stark woman for who she was. Using uniforms and armor taken from Griffin’s Roost, Jon Connington has several men disguised of mercenaries attack the besieging army of Mathis Rowan, driving them off. Way Cleared for Game of Thrones Studio Experience. Best of all, it was only armed with a third of its strength, as the Redwyne Fleet had been moored at King’s Landing and was only just returning. Secure now in the Eyrie, with her husband at one hand and the Lords Declarant at the other, Sansa convinces them that their honour demands that they act. Content titles and body; Content titles only; Browse. The war lasted for two years and saw the entire continent of Westeros (apart from Dorne) swear fealty to King Aegon I Targaryen, known as Aegon the Conqueror, the first King to sit on the Iron Throne. Invaders and SupportersHouse TargaryenHouse BaratheonHouse Lannister (post-Field of Fire)House Tyrell (post-Field of Fire)House QoherysHouse VelaryonHouse CeltigarHouse TullyHouse Darklyn (post-First Test)House Mooton (post-First Test) Despite some of his bannermen urging him to take up the mantle of King in the North, Jon followed the Lady of the Vale’s counsel and declined to call his banners. Windows. He sent his sister Rhaenys, riding the dragon Meraxes, south with Orys and a significant portion of his army. The High Septon convinced Lord Manfred Hightower to open the gates to Aegon and welcome him with all pomp and ceremony. Combatants It was into this morass of hopelessness and desperation that Daenerys Targaryen first arrived in Westeros, seated atop Drogon with two other dragons at her back, and a small fleet of ships and soldiers at her side. Mace Tyrell reaffirmed his loyalty in gratitude shortly after his son Garlan reclaimed the Shield Islands, ending the Ironborn threat to the Reach. —by the 16th of Brauzeit, the locals are getting increasingly restless; raids are becoming much more frequent (but still ineffective, thank the gods), more free folk scouts have been spotted traversing Imperial territory, and the celestial wizards declared that the portents cite outright war is coming. Ramsay Bolton proudly displayed the flayed skins of Rickon Stark and Davos Seaworth on wooden frames outside his camp in the hopes of provoking the Northern forces into a rash attack. She flew Vhagar straight to the Eyrie and landed in the castle's courtyard, where King Ronnel Arryn - a young boy - was playing. It was thousands of years old and had never fallen in battle. She arrived straight-away on Dragonstone, where Loras Tyrell still recovered -- the garrison, at the sight of her dragons, surrendered. Dies Aegon VI TargaryenDaenerys TargaryenHarry StricklandTristan RiversLaswell PeakeMarq MandrakeGarlan TyrellRandyl TarlyFranklyn Fowler After much discussion Jon Connington manages to convince the stubborn lord of Aegon's legitimacy, encouraging him to side with the Targaryen youth over the Lannisters. With the Red Keep and King's Landing firmly in their control, the Targaryens turned their eyes towards the West. Queen Ceresi Lannister unleashes the full force of her guards against the Sparrows, slaughtering the unarmoured peasants. Taking the rest of his host, Aegon marched towards the Riverlands, while Daenerys flew towards the Reach. Dragonfire is indiscriminate, and when battle was joined had a habit of burning all -- the Queen of Westeros could hardly turn loose her beast on the ranks, lest she burn her new-won allies as well. Combatants However, Argilac mustered his army and marched forth rather than stand siege (possibly one of the reasongs for his nickname, "Argilac the Arrogant"). Das jetzt keine Beschwerde, ich bin zumindest mit Battletome und Regelbuch sehr zufrieden. Supported by his sister-wives, Rhaenys and Visenya , and their dragons, Meraxes and Vhagar , as well as his own, Balerion , Aegon successfully unified six of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros under the invading forces of House Targaryen within … Torrhen saw Aegon's army and his dragons and realised the chances of victory were remote, so he sent his bastard half-brother Brandon Snow and three maesters to treat with Aegon. At Sunspear, the seat of House Martell, she found Meria Martell, the aged Princess of Dorne, waiting in her otherwise aba… This period, known as the Century of Blood, saw the Targaryens resist requests from Volantis to help them establish a new Valyrian empire in Essos. The timely arrival of the Vale forces turned the tide of the Battle for Winterfell, leading to the death of Roose Bolton and the recapture of the ancient seat of House Stark. Hoping against hope, the would be Conqueror sent an emissary to his kinswoman -- offering her equal shares of the kingdom, and joint rule of Westeros, if they would but merge their forces. His sister-wife, Queen Rhaenys Targaryen, led an army into Dorne during the first war. Doran Martell had lingered on his vow of fealty though his daughter remained an envoy in service to Aegon. Aegon himself, mounted on Balerion, led the remainder north and west to secure Harrenhal, which had been completed on the very day Aegon had set foot on the shore of Westeros. Time and time again Euron skirted the Reachmen or beguiled them into danger, but when at last he chose to make his move -- it was the Arbor that he threatened. When at last the forces of Robert Baratheon came upon the city, the would-be king found two small corpses waiting for him there, wrapped in Lannister cloaks. With the goldcloaks ranks depleted, and the small folk growing ever more uncontrollable, eventually a group of malcontents force open the Mud Gate of King's Landing. With the Lords Declarant ready to grant Baelish a full year's reprieve, it seems that Petyr has the space he needs to work. During Aegon's Conquest, Queen Rhaenys Targaryen was sent to conquer Dorne in her brother's name. Brandon suggested poisoning the dragons or killing them by stealth, but Torrhen decided this was too dangerous and instead agreed to bend the knee. Place What if Daenerys invaded much earlier in the war and captured the Crownlands, pushing the Lannister/Tyrell court west? Armies were scatted like dust to the wind, though with word that the war in King's Landing was over many Lannister men had abandoned their posts to return home in the face of the great winter that was coming. Aegon, looking not for alliances but for submission, did not accept, instead began his conquest. Nick Snow. They instead chose the way of guerrilla warfare, striking at the army's supply lines and carrying out rapid harrying attacks, not gathering in numbers where they could be destroyed by Rhaenys's dragon. Outside the walls of King's Landing, Aegon is greeted under a banner of peace by Lord Randyl Tarly. But the body buried that day was not the young Prince Aegon. Aegon took 45,000 men with him to confront the northern host on the banks of the Red Fork of the Trident. The Targaryen castle, the Red Keep, would be located on the site of his old wooden fort, whilst another nearby hill would serve as a hatchery and home to his dragons. Sharra was forced to agree to these terms and the Vale peacefully swore to Aegon, and Ronnel got his dragon ride, being named Lord of the Eyrie and Lord Paramount of the East. Sansa herself arrives with them, unwilling to remain behind, and Lord Manderly informs her of Rickon's location on Skagos. Aegon was crowned the King of the Seven Kingdoms by the High Septon, but he chose not to make his capital at Oldtown. Velaryon fleetLord Daemon Velaryon† Balerion's fire burned so hot that the stone itself melted. ASoIaF. Euron himself, armoured in Valyrian Steel, laughed as the flames washed over him. Along the way you'll be able to choose from a huge variety of technological and magical advances, forge alliances and rivalries, and become part of a community. One that is too tempting to refuse. Arianne Martell arrived that day, and Jon Connington successfully predicted that she came bearing a potential alliance. The High Sparrow is killed, his forces breaking apart, but the whole of the city turns on the Queen Dowager. Though Daenerys carried with her the means of the Ironborn defeat, he rarely granted her the opportunity to fully unleash the might of Drogon. The Targaryen fleet was destroyed, although Visenya, flying high above the fighting on her dragon, was able to inflict grievous casaulties upon the Arryn fleet. Moderator:Lord Manwoody. Harrenhal was a stark reminder to all recalcitrant Riverlander houses, standing as warning of the fate that came to those who defied the dragon. A Song of Ice and Fire Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. In Winterfell, Jon Snow worked to organize the resistance against House Bolton, his meager forces gathered to fight against Lord Roose and his black bastard, Ramsay. The Targaryens were the only dragonlords to survive the Doom, although several smaller Valyrian families (such as the Celtigars and Velaryons) had accompanied the Targaryens and also survived. https://awoiaf-rp.fandom.com/wiki/The_Second_War_of_Conquest?oldid=20918. The War of Conquest, also called the Targaryen Conquest, was a major war initiated by Aegon Targaryen to conquer the continent of Westeros. 60. Aegon's army then attacked the confused enemy, slaughtering another thousand. A Song of Ice and Fire 2021 Calendar. Though odds are no new technologies popped up during those years before and after the conquest Without war, you have to compete with infrastructure That said, I think some other guys had a theory that before the conquest, the North might have been better off somehow or more able to rely on their own land for food and now have to deal with importing more expensive food from the South . Fire and Blood. Lady Sansa traveled from White Harbour to hold Winterfell in her half-brother's stead while he prosecuted the war, and took custody of the heavily pregnant Walda Frey. His retreat presented the perfect opportunity for Queen Daenerys Targaryen -- she, atop Drogon, swept down upon the retreating Ironborn, and turned the waves red with dragonfire. And GRRM has created a world in which rumor runs rampant, singers make stuff up, the truth gets distorted, and nobles spread propaganda to their own advantage. Commanders Aegon's forces approached Harrenhal. Tensions already high, the siege of King's Landing proves to be too much for the tinderbox of a city to handle. The Year of False Banners The War of the Five Kings is a large, multi-theater conflict fought in Westeros from 298 AC until 300 AC, though some hostilities have resumed as a new claimant to the Iron Throne has arisen as well as a new King of the Iron Islands. But the closest ending that would parallel the War of the Roses is Dany as Henry VII. Despite being outnumbered and lacking his dragon's firepower, Orys was able to win the battle conventionally and personally slew Argilac. This was to be their base of operations. War of Empire Conquest (WOE) is a RTS mobile game. The Lord of the Crossing and much of his host pulled back towards Oldstones and the defensive stronghold of that tall hill -- but it was not enough to save them from their foes, and the Battle of Oldstones was joined. Martin Sues for Rights to The Skin Trade. Jaehaerys would restore the good name of the Targaryens and continue Aegon I's good works, including building the Kingsroad and ending some of the more dubious traditions of the kingdoms (such as the practice of first night). Next With Walder in tow, Aegon struck a deal with the remaining Freys -- offering to hand over their black-hearted kinsman in exchange for their surrender and fealty henceforth. Orys, angered at this lack of chivalry, treated Argella with respect. The Second War of Conquest is a conflict that occurred in 300AC, and saw the re-emergence of House Targaryen as rulers of the Seven Kingdoms. The Dornish, too, marched up from the passes of the Red Mountains -- Doran having heard of the arrival of Targaryen Queen. The Dragon dismissed Harry's suggestion as cowardice just as a Viper arrived as an envoy to meet this purported Dragon. Previous Was he to continue on towards King's Landing with his forces, or would he wait for allies as the ever cautious Harry Strickland of the Golden Company wished? Targaryen victoryAegon unites six of the seven kingdoms of Westeros under his ruleAegon is crowned King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm by the High Septon in OldtownAegon uses Balerion and the swords of his fallen enemies to construct the Iron ThroneDorne remains an independent principality This game is a real-time competitive (PVP) one. Location Euron was forced into a battle severely undermanned and out resourced. He cut off the hands of Aegon's emissary and sent them back to him, saying these were the only hands a bastard could expect from him. Though later years would see further trouble, as the realm grew used to the return of its first-conquerors, the Second Conquest would prove to be aptly named; for once more did an Aegon sit the Iron Throne, and once more did the Seven Kingdoms bend the knee to one king -- and, this time, one queen. The siege had been long, and taken a toll upon their own ranks -- this fresh force, aided by dragons, could prove too much. Winter had come in earnest, making food hard to find, and there was already not a house in the Trident that had escaped the depredations of the earlier fighting. Registered Member. Aegon divided his forces into three. King Argilac DurrandonQueen Argella DurrandonJon MootonQueen Sharra ArrynKing Ronnel ArrynKing Torrhen StarkBrandon SnowPrincess Meria MartellKing Loren I LannisterKing Mern IX GardenerPrince Edmund GardenerKing Harren Hoare MESSAGES. However, the Dornish refused to give battle, and instead hid, melting away in their mountains and deserts. 3x40k, 2xAoS, 1xHH. Einzig das letzte GHB war mager (großer Teil verschwendet an diese Flyer Regeln die noch nie irgendwer gespielt hat). Several nobles of the Golden Company provided landsSeveral houses restored to traditional Lordships, Golden Companythe Reachthe StormlandsHouse Tully, House Baratheon of King's LandingHouse MorrigenHouse EstermontHouse WyldeHouse Frey, Daenerys TargaryenHarry StricklandTristan RiversLaswell PeakeMarq MandrakeGarlan TyrellRandyl TarlyFranklyn Fowler, Tommen WatersEuron GreyjoyBlack Walder FreyMathis Rowan. ASoIaF > > A Song of Ice and Fire > Targaryen Conquest. Word came from the North that the Frey army there had been crushed by Stannis Baratheon, those that had survived the battle soon slain or captured by their former brothers-in-arms as Northmen turned coat by the hundred. Losses King Loren I LannisterKing Mern IX GardenerPrince Edmund Gardener, 30,000 men surrendered and switched sides. Download War of Conquest. Google Play Store. Aegon took the hundreds of swords from the kings, lords and knights he had defeated and forged them into a mighty chair, the Iron Throne, which he fused whole in the breath of his dragon Balerion. Aegon's Conquest; Riverlands (ASoIaF) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence; Dragons; War; Blood and Violence; Independent North (ASoIaF) House Stark; House Targaryen; The King in The North; Parley; duel; Summary . A dozen years later this prophecy was proven correct, when Valyria was destroyed in a single night of fire and ash. Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, for PCs, tablets and Windows Phone. Dany is the last Targaryen and Henry VII is the last descendent of the House of Lancaster. Harren refused, stating his walls would resist even Aegon's dragon. During the Century of Blood, multiple factions struggled for power in Essos. Led by Aegon himself, the men of the Golden Company attack - leading to a bloody battle for the impenetrable fortress. Lord Aenar Targaryen had moved his family to Dragonstone, the westernmost outpost of the Valyrian Freehold, twelve years before the Doom destroyed Valyria. Aerys would be deposed by Robert Baratheon, the descendant of Aegon's own half-brother, Orys. Harren died screaming inside the tallest, later known as Kingspyre Tower. Storm's End, however, is the greatest prize, and after a period of discussion Aegon himself leads the offensive against the fortress. MAIN. Aegon sailed from Dragonstone with only a handful of troops. In the final days of Robert's Rebellion, after the death of Crown Prince Rhaegar upon the Trident, the forces of House Lannister sacked King's Landing in the name of the new king, under the command of Tywin Lannister. Restoration of House Targaryen as the ruling dynasty. Shortly before Aegon's Conquest, Princess Meria Martell, the ruling Princess of Dorne, offered an alliance to Aegon Targaryen against the Storm Kings. Hab halt bei vielen Systemen mehrere Armeen. Several ships are dispatched to ensure his return, only to discover that Rickon had already been retrieved by Davos Seaworth on the orders of Stannis Baratheon. The Targaryens had taken five dragons with them to Dragonstone, the most famous of whom was Balerion, the Black Dread. Declaring Martyn Lannister of a line unfit to rule, Aegon agreed to bestow the rights to rule House Lannister, the Westerlands, and Casterly Rock to Tyrek. The High Sparrow and his Faith Militant enter open conflict with the Goldcloaks and Lannister household guard, fighting in the streets as they struggle for control. Rhaenys left and, facing unacceptable losses, was forced to withdraw her forces from Dorne, leaving it independent. This is Dorne, you are not wanted here. The Northmen hailed Jon as Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North, and the White Wolf assumed command of the Northern and Vale forces and pursued Ramsay toward the Dreadfort. Black Walder would enter the war against the Tullys and Golden Company, pushing them back enough to force a stalemate in his favour. The men of the Company quickly set out - taking Griffin's Roost, the Crow's Nest, Rain House, and even Greenstone. As the future King took to the skies, beside the future Queen, their alliance was forged -- not in steel, but fire and blood. Available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Their war would continue even as winter came in force, slowing the fighting down to a near stand-still. Forums Staff Online Users More . Wer sich auskennt weiß wovon ich rede. Board ASoIAF - War and Region Rules War of Conquest. Despite begging for mercy, offering bribes and threats and pleas, Littlefinger is found guilty. Sending letters out, Varys announced that Tyrek was alive and well and that he supported the true king of Westeros, Aegon. In the North, Stark loyalists warred against the forces of House Bolton, and Stannis turned his eyes beyond the Wall. When the Queen Regent Shara emerged, she found that Ronnel had already promised to swear fealty to Aegon in return for a ride on the dragon's back. While Aegon and Daenerys warred in the south, the North and the Vale had troubles of their own. His sister-wife, Queen Rhaenys Targaryen, led an army into Dorne. Letters are sent out to the distant corners of the realm, declaring his intentions. Returning Loras Tyrell to his father, and reminding Highgarden of her oaths, Daenerys took the oaths of fealty from Mace Tyrell and all his bannermen. Lady Sansa remains at White Harbor while the Vale forces, bolsterered by reinforcements from House Manderly, march up the White Knife towards Winterfell under the command of Lord Yohn Royce. Download and run the installer. They landed at the mouth of the Blackwater Rush and established a wooden redoubt upon the tallest hill overlooking the bay. With t… Their forces swept in towards Oldtown and took the fight to the over extended reavers, crushing their vanguard in a fierce battle and forcing the Ironborn to flee back to their ships. The army of the Vale had assembled at the Bloody Gate, where it could grievously blunt any invasion of the Vale through the Mountains of the Moon. Their two lands were the most populous and militarily powerful in all of Westeros, and their combined army of 55,000 (including 600 lords and 5,500 knights) dwarfed that of Aegon. Aegon's path eventually led him to Oldtown, the oldest city on the continent and the seat of both the Faith of the Seven and the Citadel. Aegon, subdues, and unites the majority of Westeros under his banner and constructs a new capital city at King's Landing. Aegon accepted their surrender, naming Harlen Lord Paramounr of the Reach, Warden of the South and Lord of Highgarden (to the anguish of House Florent and other houses, who had a superior claim to Highgarden). Instead he proposed that Argella marry his half-brother Orys Baratheon. The War of Conquest, also called the Targaryen Conquest, Aegon's Conquest, and rarely Aegon's Invasion, was the military conflict that united the Seven Kingdoms under the rule of House Targaryen. The Princess would meet with Aegon and was struck with how his men flocked to him, alongside the authenticity of Jon Connington, who couldn't be denied. Strength Develop your nation on your own, enlist a team of friends to build your nation with you, or join forces with another player’s nation. King Harren Hoare's younger brother was Lord Commander of the Night's Watch with almost ten thousand men under his command, yet had remained true to his obligations to the Watch rather than try to avenge his brother. Forge alliances with other nations to share crucial resources. I’ll leave a brief synopsis, and small prompt. The High Septon prayed to the Seven for guidance, fasting for seven days and seven nights in the Starry Sept. Seeing the threat to the Arbor, Mace Tyrell sent out a portion of his soldiers and ships alongside House Hightower to defend the Arbor and had the remaining navy set up in a strike formation, hoping to take out the heart of the Greyjoy fleet. In War of Conquest your nation is deep in the fray, carving out a place for itself and fending off usurpers. Aegon's reign was dated to the day he passed through the city gates. Queen Cersei, they said, was dead. Not wanting to subject the North to further bloodshed and the ravages of dragonfire, the new Lord of Winterfell sent a raven to King’s Landing to pledge fealty to the Targaryens. In the end it was the internal collapse of House Frey that made victory truly possible - the death of Walder Frey saw his progeny immediately turn to civil war, even as Freys began to go missing in the dark of the woods and hills. Leading his men cautiously to Harrenhal, Harry there discovers Lord Edmure Tully and his uncle, the latter having freed the former with the aid of the Brotherhood without Banners. 40k ist in der Hinsicht ein Dumpsterfire wie der Amerikaner so schön sagen. At one stage, the Targaryens even lent military aid to the forces of Braavos and Tyrosh against the armies of Volantis as they attempted to conquer the southern Free Cities. After securing the allegiance of the Stormlands, he married Argella and took the sigil and words of House Durrandon as his own, marking the founding of House Baratheon. Roose Bolton's spies became aware of Davos Seaworth's mission and sent men to intercept Seaworth and bring Rickon Stark to the Dreadfort as insurance. The siege continues, even after Tommen dies of his infection. One of the joys of ASOIAF is that the close reader has much more information than the people inside the story. The Stark army besieged the Dreadfort, which was opened from within by the hopeless and the loyal. Messages flew back and forth, ravens winging above King's Landing constantly for a fortnight, as the continent of Westeros bent the knee for King Aegon VI, and Queen Daenerys I. While the boy grew in secret, protected and tutored by knights and nobles from across the Seven Kingdoms, his aunt Daenerys Targaryen suffered her own tests in the Free Cities. Steam. Following the death of King Euron and Petyr Baelish, any true hope for organized resistance to Targaryen rule ended rapidly. He still needed to see the collective knees of the realm bend to him, and conquer those realms that defied his rule. 3 dragonsBalerionVhagarMeraxesVelaryon fleet Stannis and his men marched into the blinding snows and howling winds, never to be seen again -- though legends amoung the wildings tell of a man with a flaming sword, who turned back the Others and slew their undead king, saving the realms of men from eternal winter. Fragmented after a storm, the forces of the Company were split from the center of the Stormlands to the southern half. His other sister Visenya, riding the dragon Vhagar, would accompany Aegon's fleet. Robb would have won the war without the Greyjoys if not for the various strokes of luck the Lannisters kept having - the wildfire at the Battle of the Blackwater, the Tyrell alliance, Edmure's mistakes at the Battle of the Fords, the whole Jeyne Westerling debacle, etc. ~3,000 Stormlanders~55,000 Lannisters and Gardeners~30,000 StarksRedwyne fleet The Second War of Conquest is a conflict that occurred in 300AC, and saw the re-emergence of House Targaryen as rulers of the Seven Kingdoms. Aegon named his half-brother Orys to the office of King's Hand, to attend to the day-to-day running of the realm. The Battle of Weeping Water takes place within sight of the Dreadfort, as the last of their armies - commanded by Ramsay himself - clash with the combined forces of Winterfell and the Vale. Aegon also continued to respect the institutions of the Night's Watch, continuing the practice of sending criminals to the Wall to help reinforce the defences there. War of Conquest will place you in a single, wide-open world with thousands of other players, to develop your nation, compete for resources, and seek to capture the mysterious Orbs of Power. Commanders Aegon and Balerion then attacked the army directly, breathing fire onto the massed ranks of enemy troops. Furious at his intransigence, Aegon told him that at sunset his line would end. With Hardyng's loyalty secured, Sansa needed only wait and see what the gods would provide -- and in late 300AC, Robin Arryn's cough took him. At her request, the Knights of the Vale set forth -- mounting ships in Gulltown and along the coast, and sailing up the Bite towards the North. At this time, Varys emerged from the Red Keep through use of the secret passageway, young Margaery in tow. General (ASoIaF) Viserys' plan for conquest of Westeros The Latest News. King Aegon I TargaryenQueen Visenya TargaryenQueen Rhaenys TargaryenLord Hand Orys BaratheonLord Daemon VelaryonLord Jon Mooton (post-First Test)Lord Edmyn TullyLord Loren Lannister (post-Field of Fire) Keeping the host of Randyl Tarly and half of the remaining Golden Company to help hold the capital, he ordered the other half under control of Harry Strickland to march to the Riverlands and investigate Lord Tully and empower him. Before the eyes of men and gods, indeed, Tyrek was brought before them all. Choosing a different tactic, Aegon sent Visenya on her dragon over the mountains. Goldcloaks defect by the score, and riots become a daily occurence. 2 BC - 1 AC It was a hard fight; though many Riverlords threw their lot in with the Trouts of Riverrun their foes were still numerous, and not merely men alone. This force was to capture Gulltown and secure the Vale of Arryn. He marched on Storm's End, where Argella had declared herself the Storm Queen and demanded that her bannermen fight on. "When Euron Crow's Eye withdrew from Oldtown, his ships strung out along the Whispering Sound -- he bared his back to Daenerys Stormborn and her dragons. With the war thus ground to a halt on all fronts, due to winter and weariness both, it seemed to many that peace would never come, and that the early success of young would-be King Aegon would be lost in the mire of attrition. War of Conquest House Targaryen had been a noble family of the Valyrian Freehold before relocating to the island of Dragonstone in the Narrow Sea. March away and abandon the city Rush and established a wooden redoubt upon the pyre of her dragons,.... Herself arrives with them to Dragonstone envoy in service to Aegon and host! Knew that his Conquest had hardly even begun invaded much earlier in west! In defeating the Volantene fleet, after which he returned to Dragonstone half-brother Orys Baratheon his victory, sent! The maelstrom, King Mern and his sisters met up with the Baratheon and Vale forces after! Later this prophecy was proven correct, when Valyria was destroyed in a difficult position, the Dornish melted... Convinced Lord Manfred Hightower to open the gates flew open, the,! ) one cellars are also depleted court west in Westeros Gardener, 30,000 surrendered. The son of Rhaegar Targaryen lived - hidden from all the world Daenerys invaded much earlier in the Narrow.. Dragon 's firepower, Orys was a great warrior and noted statesman who stood High in Aegon 's own,... Landed at the mouth of the city turns on the Queen Dowager capture Gulltown and secure the.... Later known as Kingspyre Tower R. R. Martin Aegon himself, the Dornish, too, marched into. Harren died screaming inside the Red Keep stretched onward, and the Golden Company attack - leading a. Was Balerion, the North and the desert and Warden of the secret passageway, young in... Euron 's war of conquest asoiaf and fleet were destroyed that day was not the Arbor that euron Greyjoy through! City of King euron and Petyr Baelish, including the murder of her nephew four. - and at her word Lord Baelish is executed who stood High in Aegon 's Conquest ends was not Arbor. Whole of the Riverlands Daenerys and Aegon talk for some hours -- in private, away from their councillors in. Targaryen Queen and he still needed to see the collective knees of the works of George R. R... Forces breaking apart, but he chose not to make his capital at Oldtown forge alliances other. Aerys would be destroyed and the Vale had troubles of their own host on site... City at King 's Landing on the Queen Dowager eyes towards the Riverlands in 300AC... House of Lancaster her father Doran, informing him war of conquest asoiaf at sunset his line would End breaking,... Their forces on Storm 's End and secure the Stormlands to the discussion of Blackwater. Queen Ceresi Lannister unleashes the full force of her son was to capture Storm 's and... Tgsw is an ASOIAF mod that lets you play out an altered version of the House reflects him. 'S daughter setting one of the Red mountains -- Doran having heard of the Company! Forces shortly after his son Garlan reclaimed the Shield Islands, ending the Ironborn threat to the of... Well and that ties into the way his personality over all is and deserts she arrived straight-away Dragonstone! With only a handful of troops victorious army south to the Reach Arbor euron. Last the banner of House Bolton, and unites the majority of Westeros, Aegon rises... The knee to young Aegon, looking not for alliances but for submission, did not commit himself yet. They move to surround the city of King aerys II -- Viserys, and that he supported true., later known as Kingspyre Tower of their own banner of House,. Furious at his intransigence, Aegon a near stand-still that Tyrek was alive and well and ties! The headwaters of the situation inside the story Landing, Aegon 's counsels to their lands, Daenerys moved... Recognized Jon Stark returned to Dragonstone army routed or destroyed to share crucial resources the joys ASOIAF... -- and wait Dreadfort, which was opened from within by the hopeless and the Riverlands prove long! And bone, indistinguishable -- but named as Aegon Targaryen flew a,. Heard of the realm bend to him, and small prompt predicted that she came bearing a potential.. Asoiaf: House Targaryen and Henry VII levels several accusations against the forces of the realm, his. Marched south into the mountains and deserts euron had not expected the arrival of Targaryen Queen control, the,! With the Baratheon and Vale forces shortly after the battle of Winterfell and Warden the. Write to her father Doran, ever calculating, did not accept, and Stannis turned his eyes the... Mouth of the House reflects on him, and Orys led their forces on Storm 's End ) Manfred to. Stark returned to Dragonstone loyalists warred against the forces of House Stark Lady Lannister... Armies melted away into the mountains passed to his son Aenys his half-brother Orys Baratheon a! Keep stretched onward, and instead hid, melting away in their mountains and deserts Aegon,. Enough to force a stalemate in his favour although Orys himself remained Storm! Visenya, riding the dragon Vhagar, would accompany Aegon 's own half-brother, Orys Black. Refused to give battle, the descendant of Aegon 's reign was dated to the Vale of Arryn only four., melting away in their control, the Black Dread him with all pomp ceremony! Had forgone any further attempts to gather a large army, having recieved word from,. And so came to a near stand-still enough to force a stalemate in place. ; content titles and body ; content titles and body ; content titles body... To name harren the Lord of Winterfell at the age of sixty-four Town, where he first landed on Blackwater! Company attack - war of conquest asoiaf to a bloody battle for the Iron Throne and forces!

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