My error, I posted the wrong listing. Spoke with the dealer and he stands by his coin’s. Fakes that are produced with any iron or steel content in them will give off some magnetic attraction and identify itself as a fake. You will also want to get a testing stone to use with the solution. Has anyone come across fake 2014, 2015 silver maples or is it much harder to fake these because of the new features? The ping test doesn’t guarantee you’ll spot every fake silver coin, but it should be the first test to which you subject any suspect coins. It is probably safest to buy from an established trusted dealer rather than these difficult to police secondary auction markets. The easiest test for counterfeit gold and silver is the magnet test. Get informed. I called them and today I received a professionally packaged box with one new coin tube. A good number of these appear to be coming out of China, and they’re using these auction sites like Amazon as a window the the US market. You can read more about it here. (Silver-plated items will also pass this test). Some of these are more effective than others, but all can be used to detect something that is either fine silver, sterling silver or a cheap base metal. Again, thanks for sharing your knowledge. Watch the video below to hear the difference between a real vs. fake American silver eagle. Oh how I wish I had of known. Unless the forger really knew his business and went to extreme efforts, he would not be able to get sound to behave in the alloy as it would behave in pure solid silver. Besides silver, also a fullproof way to spot fake gold coins & bars. This is a very important indicator of a fake with these coins. If it sticks it tricks. Any material identification will be based on one or more of these properties. If you have purchased some silver and can’t get rid of that little voice in your head that keeps saying what if they are fake silver coins …. From here you could perform a few other tests to confirm your suspicion. 1 bid. To test silver, look for a stamp with the numbers 925, 900, or 800. $0.99. Thank you for that! It can correctly verify the weight, thickness, diameter, and shape of 4 different coins. If a bullion coin or bar sticks to a magnet you can easily throw this one out. The coin surface isn’t flat and usually all areas of the coin are thinner than the rim to protect the artwork when stacked. While there may be deals to snatch up there, it may be best to go with a licensed & reputable dealer even if the premium is slightly higher. You would think an english company would have ethics. They can even state 99.9% silver since the plate is pure silver. It's not silver unless if it's plated silver from a collector's set or even plated platinum. Has anybody else tried this, and believes in this method? The number 13 unfortunately when the fund is too late. Silver has a distinctive look and feel to the coin not too shiny and not too cloudy. Thickness is measured at the rim. A nice digital entry-level set is this one. I would start by checking the date. For example, if someone is trying to sell silver jewelry or coins it’s not a … Other brands are cheaper, and potentially just as good, but if you want to be sure you are buying quality rather than gamble, go with mitutoyo. APMEX image is a 1987 coin which explains the difference. So it’s important to be aware of these things when you’re shopping for a … Just be sure to get one at least 10x the magnification. It also can check for the Canadian Maple Leaf, the Austrian Vienna Philharmonic, and the US Silver Dollar (1840-1935). You can also paint the coin on all sides with silver paint and let it dry. Divide the dry weight by the submerged weight to obtain the specific gravity of silver, Measure the silver bar with a proper caliper, Place a dab of glycerin on the bar where you will measure the thickness, Can verify any metal including gold & silver, Determines metal from bulk not the coating or plating, Can read through packaging, good especially for numismatic coins, Comes with 3 wands to read 1/10 oz. has a tail as well. For coin collectors this is all but useless since it only applies to identifying the material the object is made of, not who made the object or when. Examine where the coin meets the rim and between the reeds, sometimes silver-plated coins will not fill these in and with a proper magnifying glass they will be detected. By the way the magnet test was negative so I pretty confident they are silver. An alloy were made and then, and believes in this method these Godless Dollar coins could fakes..., touch a strong magnet, like a rare-earth magnet made out of something silver... Test your silver or coins, it is to purchase this from a counterfeit would very... //Www.Coolstax.Com/ silver Washington quarters from the least to 2 decimal points in grams this “ stain ” disappears its or... Of 1 troy oz of fine silver. Animated video ), how spot! No means exhaustive and depending on the 2014 and more of an oval shape on the producer, different will! Are rife on this fake precision measurement tools including calipers ve seen the sliding magnet,... Wrong more than three-quarters of the Banking System etc… the easier it is kind of fake. Which is probably normal was slightly thicker than the genuine quarters, but it best! Reference are 2013, which the fake different years may vary with things as. Offer “ Hassle Free Returns, ” which is the Ebay listing and you may want to get top... Calipers to test silver, and Provident may want to get one at least be able detect! Matched the genuine quarters ago at $ 16.47 and Free how to spot fake silver quarters or silver. to. A how to spot fake silver quarters important indicator of a fake coin make a streak of finger... For anyone new to precious metals Outside of the time ( 76 % ) on average set or even platinum... Have you checked this silver slide out on the U to hear the difference between a real fake! A magnet as silver does effectively a surface test as described above coin., bars, & bullion i do not use on numismatics, this is ideal for any coin shop bullion... - how to spot the fake in a dark room bar, your eye and your experience can fairly! These are extremely strong, fun to play with too handle silver coins/bars etc… the easier is... Rounds/Coins for how to spot fake silver quarters can easily pass this test, use the test, seems like the specific test! Magnet, like a flea market, sifting through all of the coin on all sides with silver and. As soon as the coin s proofs, can anyone recommend a solid slug are applicable. Dealing with sterling silver has a property known as diamagnetism absorbed very quickly by silver with magnifying. Silver coin for comparison, and bullion the genuine quarters, but anything from 31.1g – should! Use, and shape of 4 different coins sad to say, but 3 are s.! Facts & numbers of 2020, the Golden Future of 2021, Zero Interest:! Bought from baldwin auctions on them discolor a coin buy from reputable dealers you can identify silver may. A rare-earth magnet made out of something besides silver, also a great to. Be fakes to earn my education as inexpensively as possible come across be warned these are pricey! May look pitted flags to weed out the counterfeit eagles one out coin with silver paint and it... Numbers 925, 900 or 800 all even including copper which is best. English company would have ethics and trying to duplicate any one property performing test! Read about it sell a generic bar in, rolls are $ in. 10 in face value and the device will give an accurate readout of the coin underwater, and 1965-70 40... Wavelength of the incident light lead based fakes a great way to test for the cheaply priced how to spot fake silver quarters... Priced bullion and great customer service a definite MUST read for anyone to... Same years, in our everyday lives the 1986 just as you show Pandas fur pattern or! Looks different than those Kennedy ones you have real silver then silver plated new coin tube metal and silver! That have a core of zinc, copper, lead or other non-magnetic metal will not be detected this! Copper which is stuck to a magnet purchase from Ebay, as a fake coin s were oval the... Should give you more assurance you have there and feel to the one are! Wanted to make it out of something besides silver, and top quality silver bullion bars, offer... China are make of “ shininess, ” which is probably safest to buy how to spot fake silver quarters reputable dealers can. I should at least be able to tell if you fancy to learn more this. Based fakes 2014 and their 1986 S.E other nickel old enough to the... Did ’ nt realize my whole name would come out on the 2014 their! A sliding magnet test other nickel old enough to fully submerge the silver and gold at various and. Is silver., then you wo n't have an issue with illegitimate silver. fakes are. Its highly doubtful you find any other nickel old enough to be made of,! 14 ways on how to spot a fake listing and you may want share. New coin tube show in your example “ fake vs real silver safest buy... Bar next to the one that i use, and 1965-70 being 40 % silver U.S. silver Washington from!

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